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        Tuowang Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd. was registered in 1988 and established on May 10, 2016. The quality of Tuowang Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd. has been good for many years. With the rapid development of social economy, oil products in the market are also varied. After many investigations and discussions, Mr. Huang Xuliang purchased Tuowang Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd. in July 2018. Mr. Huang Xuliang asked Heyuan Tuowang Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd. to adhere to the principle of "quality first" and "good oil, rest assured oil" and operate in good faith. (Paying attention to the selection of first-class raw materials) Setting up several Tuowang vegetable oil planting and supply bases, laying farmers'purchasing points all over the country to ensure the long-term supply demand of high-quality raw materials for Tuowang vegetable oil Co., Ltd. We must make Heyuan Tuowang Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd bigger and stronger. Only by making it bigger and stronger can more people eat high quality peanut oil.

        Mr. Huang Xuliang has been engaged in peanut wholesale for more than 20 years since 1990. He has visited various parts of China many times a year to investigate the origin of high-quality peanut varieties. All members of Heyuan Tuowang Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd. believe that under the leadership of Mr. Huang Xuliang, the long-term supply stability of high-quality raw materials is guaranteed, which provides an important guarantee for high-quality oil products to leave the factory.